Miracle Treat Day- Pre-Order Deadline

Miracle Treat Day is on Thursday, August 9! You can enjoy a tasty Blizzard at Dairy Queen and support kids at Children’s Hospital, London Health Sciences Centre at the same time.

Get together with co-workers, friends or family members and pre-order your Blizzards for this delicious day of miracles!

Download the pre-order form at www.childhealth.ca/miracletreatday

Why pre-order?

  • No waiting: When you pre-order, your Blizzards will be already made for you! (Yes, even if you order 100!)
  • They stay colder longer: Your Blizzards are frozen in a secret, special way so they won’t melt by the time you get back to your house, office, cottage…wherever!
  • They are fun to share: Share your Blizzards with your teammates, classmates or coworkers. Or why not hand them out to clients? Sharing a selfie with your Blizzard is fun too!
  • You can win: You can be entered into a draw for a chance to win a DQ Blizzard Party! For every 10 Blizzards you pre-order, you will receive an entry to win a sweet party, full of DQ treats for your group! (maximum value of $20

Orders due July 13, 2018. Minimum order of 10 Blizzards. Pricing varies by store location.