World Kidney Day Breakfast

FM 96 is very excited about World Kidney Day 2019 and the opportunity to share our message of kidney health for everyone, everywhere! This global awareness initiative, celebrated each year during Kidney Health Month, is the perfect opportunity to remind people to take care of their kidneys, and at the same time raise funds to support those in our London community who live with kidney failure. This year, World Kidney Day sets out to raise awareness of the high and increasing burden of kidney disease worldwide and the need for strategies for kidney diseases prevention and management.

A diagnosis of kidney disease means a lifetime of treatment regimens which may include dialysis and transplant. While treatments for kidney disease have improved, there is still no cure. We want to change that.

On Thursday, March 14, 2019 FM 96 will support a World Kidney Day breakfast at the London Club. This morning event will bring together leaders in our community, individuals living with kidney disease and their caregivers, as well as our renal community to increase awareness and to support discovery of new treatments that reduce the burden of kidney disease, and help us work towards curing this debilitating illness.