Dad Club Annual Summer Golf Tournament

FM96 is proud to support the Dad Club London’s annual summer golf tournament on September 15 at Pine Knot Golf and Country Club in support of KidSport – providing support to under-resourced children in London by removing financial barriers that prevent them from play organized sports!

Last year’s first ever DCL golf tournament was a huge success with over 100 golfers showed up to Westminster Trails GC to help close off their AED fundraising campaign with a bang! They were able to raise over $8000, to push their final AED total to $53,000!

What’s Dad Club?

Dad Club London welcomes all registered members to join any of the events published on their calendar and meet new member dads and their kids to expand their social and support circles!

Not a member yet? CLICK HERE!

Dad Club members all very friendly and welcoming individuals! They play pickup sports together, work out together, learn how to style hair, attend cooking classes with our kids, hold BBQs, organize clothing, furniture and school supply drives, and even compete in a monthly 10 event competition of random skill called the Dadcathlon – they are as strong as the creativity and generosity of the members.