Revy Kevy’s #55HoursForHope

Kevin George, the Rector of St. Aidan’s Church, (also known as Revy Kevy) is always looking for new ways to engage St Aidan’s with the community. This Year Kevin is launching an event called Revy Kevy’s #55HoursForHope. Kevin discovered that in 2015, a Florida Pastor offered a sermon which lasted for 53 hours. Never to be outdone, Kevin intends to preach a 55 hour sermon from September 11th to the 13th, which just happens to be The Feast of Saint John Chrysostom, the golden tongued preacher.
So Kevin will do 55 hours of preaching with no sleep…without sitting down for a meal…without breaks longer than 5 minutes…55 hours without a shower! The #55HoursForHope will wrap up with a party at 4pm on Friday, Sept 13th in celebration of this record setting event! Our great #55HoursforHope committee of fellow clergy, community members, and representatives from Anova and Jesse’s Journey is overseeing the event. All funds raised will be disbursed to Anova (40%), Jesse’s Journey (40%) and St Aidan’s Church (20%) for outreach.

Kevin and his team have set a goal of $65,000! We are speechless that we have many sponsors already on board! We hope you are able to support this one-of-a-kind event and please pray for Kevin as he works away at writing 55 one-hour sermons!
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