Habit Change Challenge

London Health Sciences Foundation (LHSF) is a charity accredited by Imagine Canada. Our goal is to link our community and health care experts together in pursuit of medical excellence at London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC). It takes approximately 66 days to change a habit or introduce a new one. We are offering a free, virtual 66-day challenge to get people improving their mental and physical well-being while raising money for youth mental health.

Challenge runs March 1 – May 5

The First Episode Mood & Anxiety Program, known as FEMAP, is the first program of its kind in Canada with a unique model aimed at reversing the “first episodes” of mental illness for youth aged 16.
Currently, it can take between 7 to 10 months from the first assessment to start treatment. To help youth suffering from mental illness in our community, the issue of a growing waitlist needs to be addressed now. FEMAP needs support to expand its services and double its capacity.


How it Works

Choose a habit to change and/or introduce healthy ones.
Fundraise for youth mental health.
Get rewarded for your effort.

Got a habit in mind you want to change? Change it for the duration of the challenge. Or you can introduce healthy habits by participating in week-long challenges from local experts.

Weekly Challenges

Throughout your journey, you’ll be making a positive change for yourself while fundraising to support youth mental health. Donations you receive will help expand the First Episode Mood & Anxiety Program (FEMAP) at London Health Sciences Centre. Currently, the program is bursting at the seams. FEMAP needs community support to expand its services in order to help more youth suffering from mental illness.



Step 1
Register for Free.
Step 2
Set Up Your Page.
Step 3
Ask for Donations.

Share your journey on social media and offer encouragement to others who are also making a positive change this year!
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