The AC/DC Show – Canada | Bobnoxious | The Brad Gibb All Star Band

The AC/DC Show Canada is coming to Eastside Bar & Grill!

Bobnoxious and The Brad Gibb All Star Band

Eastside Bar & Grill, London ON

August 12, 2022 | 8PM – 2AM



Jetset Event Management is excited to bring you the authentic audio/visual recreation of the legendary Australian band AC/DC while we Fight to End Homelessness!

Homelessness is one of London’s most critical social issues we are facing as a city.

The number of youth accessing shelters in London is growing and those youth are younger than ever.

Currently there are not enough beds to help over 500 people in our community who are left without proper food and shelter.

Jetset Event Management wants to help sustain YOU’s life-changing programs and services and, invaluably, help youth discover a group of supporters who understand and care about them.

Re-live the AC/DC Experience with The AC/DC Show – CANADA. You’ll hear hits from both the Brian Johnson and (the late) Bon Scott eras.

With the stacks of Marshall amplifiers and the grit of the mighty Gibson SG guitar, this musical tone is sure to capture your attention from the opening notes and give you a chance to Fight to End Homlessness.