Help for Headaches

Help for Headaches – a London-based Headache and Migraine charity that now serves Ontario is hosting a Headache & Migraine Forum on Saturday, June 23rd 9am-12pm.  The event is free but registration is encouraged given the recent breakthrough of a new class of drugs in this area of neuroscience.

This event will be hosted at the Central (downtown) Public Library located at 251 Dundas St.. Stevenson & Hunt Rooms A & B, in London, Ontario. At this event, our voluntary-health charity will launch 3 programs simultaneously: 1) a headache and migraine awareness day, 2) a national book launch (our 4th in a series) and 3) a Silent Auction fund raiser.

Please visit (to email off of the website) or call Brent at 519-434-0008 or email