London Calling: Lynks and New Boyfriend

Lynks is a Bristol-based artist (and backing dancers who work under the name Lynks Shower Gel) who has emerged out of the queer club nights in the UK with couple of singles, including this new (perhaps NSFW) track that deals with the perils of a chaotic relationship. If Divine were still with, I’m sure they would approve.

Of the track, Lynks says “This song is about lovely, kind, thoughtful, intelligent, well-adjusted couples turning into chaotic horny monsters the second they break up…Look, ultimately I think I’m a fairly smart, reasonable, logical young person. I’ve done therapy. I give excellent dating advice. I know that a healthy breakup is a clean breakup. No footnotes, no P.S., no post-credits sequence shags. And yet the second I’m in the throes of a breakup, all that logic and intelligence evaporates.”

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