Mayoral contender Ed Holder talks transit, jobs in ongoing London Live series

Undecided Londoners can continue learning more about the top four mayoral candidates this week, with a series on Global News Radio 980 CFPL’s London Live.

Mayoral contender Paul Cheng talks business, transit on ‘London Live’

Paul Cheng joined Mike Stubbs Monday and Tuesday Ed Holder had the chance to promote his campaign and explain his interest in moving from federal to municipal politics.

“You don’t have partisan politics that would direct you one way or another,” he explained.

“This really gets into street politics at its most basic level. We’re dealing with people and issues that matter most to them. This is where an individual can have the greatest impact.”

The former Conservative MP for London West is against bus rapid transit and outlined his transit plans, which include the Adelaide underpass and synchronized traffic lights, two initiatives that have already received the green light at city hall.

“We need to put buses into those industrialized areas that aren’t being serviced now to get people to work on time and back home again,” he said.

“There are companies, my own company, a bakery in Meadowbrook, where you can’t get there from here and the only way that we can advertise is when we say, ‘must have a car’ and that doesn’t work for everybody.”

Holder added that there needs to be a mobile app that “doesn’t say when the buses should come, but when they actually come.”

“And finally, para-transit. Right now, there’s a three-day wait to be able to get an appointment for para-transit and that’s not the provider’s issue, that’s resources and that’s resourcing, and putting people together and finding a better way to do this so that we can take care of those who have that need.”

Pro-BRT candidate reacts to mayoral rival’s campaign poll

Tanya Park and Paul Paolatto will be on London Live Wednesday and Thursday, respectively.

London votes next Monday.

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