See Courtney Love in a new movie: J.T. LeRoy

There was a time when it was fairly common to see the former Hole singer and Kurt Cobain’s widow in a film. Courtney Love began acting in films in the mid-80s including the Sid Vicious film, Sid and Nancy. She had a great run in the late 90s and early 2000s with films such as The People Vs. Larry Flynt, 200 Cigarettes, Man on the Moon.

On April 26th, Love will play a Hollywood producer in the movie J.T. LeRoy. The film is about Laura Dern’s character making up a fictional male writer named J.T. LeRoy. She gets her sister-in-law (Kristen Stewart) to act as J.T. but over time, “his” writing becomes famous and the two need to go to great lengths keep up the facade.

You can watch a clip of Love’s character Sasha trying to talk with J.T. and having Dern’s character interject and answer the questions for him. Rolling Stone has the exclusive clip.


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