Pizza stained paper plate used by Kurt Cobain sells for $22,400

A piece of delicious Kurt Cobain memorabilia just sold at auction for $23,000. It is a used paper plate from a pizza shop that Cobain then jotted a setlist down on.

The story goes that Nirvana were in Washington DC to play the 9:30 Club on April 23rd, 1990. Before the show, Cobain sat down to some pizza at a local shop, then used the back of the plate to write the evening’s setlist. What an environmentalist!

After the show, the plate was scooped up by a member of the band THUD who opened for Nirvana that night. The letter of authentic with your $22,400 used pizza plate says; “That makes it more cool than just a piece of paper. It’s a lightly-stained pizza plate from Kurt’s own meal!”

Also sold at the auction was a sweater worn by Cobain at his last photoshoot in 1993.

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