Weekly survey: Have you ever confused one band/song with another?

I’m pretty sure that the human brain has a finite capacity for memories and processing information. If you learn something new, something has to be deleted from the database. This can be a problem when it comes to music. With so much tuneage coming at us every day, it’s often impossible to keep everything straight. Or you just might have a glitch in your personal matrix which has you confused about certain songs and certain artists. I, for example, have a very hard time telling apart later Fall Out Boy from Walk the Moon. I know it’s silly, but weeks went by before I realized that “Champion” from the Mania album was FOB and not WTM. No matter how I try to pound this information into my brain, it doesn’t want to take. There’s my confession. What’s yours? What artists/songs have you confused–perhaps even for years–before you were set straight. No judgment here. This is a safe space. Unburden yourself.

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