5 songs you must hear this week: 24 June 2019

Now that we’re officially into summer (at least by the calendar), our minds turn to songs with that summer vibe. There are a few of those in this week’s list of recommendations.

1. Keane, The Way I Feel
Cause and Effect (Universal)
Recommended If You Like: The post-Britpop feeling

Yes, THAT Keane. You have to go back to 2012 to find the last Keane album. And then there was the long five-year official hiatus where the band did practically nothing (there were three brief reunions). Now, though, they’re serious about working fulltime again after (as one paper put it) “putting their differences to one side.” I wonder what those were?

2. Talkie, Bummer Summerrr
Everything Matters (Milkcarton Media Group)
RIYL: Eve 6, K’s Choice, Fuel

No, my R key didn’t stick on the last word of the song title. This languid, lazy track with great harmonies comes from a four-piece dream-pop outfit from San Francisco. This sounds like it’s plucked from the summer of 1997. Awfully good—and a song with a rare fade-out ending.

3. Calliope Musicals, Fear This Body
Color/Sweat (Rhyme & Reason Records)
RIYL: “Secondhand glam” (Their words, not mine.)

A five-piece from Austin featuring frontwoman and guitarist Carrie Fussell backed by four hairy dudes, all of whom have a penchant for Queen, ABBA, Blondie and the Talking Heads. A little quirky, a little flakey, but quite interesting. If you’re a Flaming Lips fan, you’ll get them immediately.

4. Cold War Kids, Complainer
New Age Norms (Third Man Records)
RIYL: Quirky, twitchy, Talking Heads-like music

After hiding in the weeds for a couple of years, CWK returns with a couple of singles (the other being 4th of July) ahead of a new album due out sometime this fall. Fun fact: This single was co-written by Bonnie McKee who also had a hand in writing both Roar and Teenage Dream for Katy Perry.

5. Jackie, New At Drugs
New at Drugs (Light Organ Records)
RIYL: Female-led Canadian power pop

Another good summer song. Jackie is a trio led by Jackie Mohr, ex of the Winnipeg band The Mohrs, and produced by jack-of-all-trades Hawksley Workman. The result is reminiscent of the kind of post-grunge power pop we got back in the 90s. Nice.

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