The Ongoing History of New Music encore presentation: The 90s, Part 6: The Punk Rock Revival

The early 90s were an amazing time for music. Generation X, a powerful demographic force, reached the age where they were in a position to dominate music, demanding material that reflected their needs, wants, wishes, desires, and fears. The biggest sea change came from the rise of grunge, thanks to Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, and, of course, Nirvana. But that music just served to kickstart the Alternative Nation that came to dominate most of the 90s. For many, grunge was alternative music with training wheels. Those who liked what they heard were invariably and inevitably led deeper into a musical ecosystem that had existed outside the mainstream for years. Gen X embarked on a journey of music discovery, introduced into different flavours of so many genres. That included punk. Punk had been around since the 70s, of course. It burned itself out at the end of that decade but it never died. The Ramones kept touring. Bands like Husker Du and Black Flag were writing the rules of hardcore. Punk was just biding its time as a niche thing. But then an interesting set of circumstances came into play that resulted in a massive resurrection of everything punk. Echoes of that resurrection are still being felt today. This is chapter 6 of our look back on the 1990s: the mid-decade punk rock revival. Songs heard on this show: Green Day, Longview Rancid, Salvation Offspring, Come Out and Play Social Distortion, Bad Luck Bad Religion, 21st Century Digital Boy NOFX, Linoleum Fugazi, Cassevetes Ramones, Blitzkrieg Bop (Live) Blink-182, All the Small Things Sublime, Date Rape Doughboys, Shine Sleater-Kinney, I Want to Be Your Joey Ramone Eric Wilhite has created this playlist for us.
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