'Bigfoot' hunter frightens campers by trying to shoot mythical beast

If Bigfoot does exist, he must be a small — or fast — target.

Police and park officials in Kentucky are investigating a report that a gun-toting hunter crashed a couple’s campsite in the middle of the night and fired several shots at “Bigfoot” in Mammoth Cave National Park.

Brad Ginn and Madelyn Durand say the self-proclaimed monster hunter woke them up with gunshots on Sunday night while they were sleeping in their tent. They emerged from the tent to find the man standing in the middle of their ruined campsite.

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The armed man told them they were in “Bigfoot country,” Ginn told local broadcaster WBKO. “I hope you have weapons,” the man told them, before flashing his own gun at them. “I have this so if anything happens to you, then just yell and I’ll come.”

Ginn and Durand returned to their tent and left the Bigfoot hunter to his quest.

The gunshots rang out again a few moments later, so they quickly gathered their gear and decided to leave. The couple called police, then hiked several kilometres back to their car so they could report the incident to park officials.

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“Mammoth Cave Law Enforcement Rangers responded to an incident involving an individual with a firearm at one of the park’s backcountry campsites at approximately 2 a.m on Sunday,” a spokesperson for the park told the Courier-Journal on Wednesday. She added that it’s legal to possess a firearm within the park, but firing one is “strictly prohibited.”

As of this writing, the man has not been identified.

No Bigfoot corpses have been recovered from the park. Yet.

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