5 songs you must hear this week: 19 August 2019

Another 500+ song submissions were considered by The Music Lab over the weekend. Here are the five best–according to them, anyway. Are they on the right track? Let us know.

1. Tool, Fear Inoculum
Fear Inoculum (Tool Disscetional/Volcano/RCA]

When this album finally comes out on August 30, it will be 13 years, 3 months and 28 days since the release of 10,000 Days, the last Tool record. Some fans were worried that they were being set up for a disappointment after so long and so much hype. Not to fear. Every single advance review I’ve seen so far for this 85-minute(!!!) album ranks it five out of five stars. We’re also told that the longer we spend the record the more we’ll get out of it. Typical Tool, then.

2. Brittany Howard, He Loves Me
Jaime (Universal)
RIYL: Alabama Shakes, obviously

Howard, the powerful lead singer for Alabama Shakes, has a solo album coming out this fall. Named after her sister who died when they were both teenagers, this single follows Stay High, which came out earlier this summer as well as History Repeats. By the way, the “he” in this song is “God.”

3. Half Moon Run, Then Again
Single (For Now)
RIYL: Fleet Foxes, Mumford & Sons, Of Monsters and Men

After about five years of polishing, this single now ready for general release. The Montreal four-piece promise a new album—their third—sometime soon. No title yet.

4. Jonathan Roy, Keeping Me Alive
Single (Siena)
RIYL: The Montreal Canadiens, I suppose

Before you ask, yes, Jonathan is the son of Canadiens’ great Patrick. He’s also quite the hockey player himself, having played junior with the Quebec Remparts—as a goaltender, of course. But Jonathan had been writing poetry since he was 13 and began putting those words to music in his mid-teens. He’s now friends with Corey Hart (dad arranged a meeting), working out of Toronto, and prepping more new music.


5. Tom Boy, Wastecase
Single (Independent)
RIYL: Synthiness

Not a band but a Toronto duo whom you might know from a 2018 single entitled How to Become a Drug Dealer. Evolving out of another called CAIRO, Tom Boy began by working with Crispin Day, the producer for such acts as July Talk and Shad. Lots of songs about booze, drugs, and mental illness poured out—and here we are.

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