Video shows Wyoming deputies rescuing deer from ice-covered pond

A sheriff’s deputy lassoed a deer and pulled it to safety after it fell into a pond covered partially in ice in Daniel, Wyo., on Tuesday, Dec. 10.

Two deputies gave truth to Wyoming’s Cowboy State nickname on Tuesday by lassoing a struggling deer to rescue it from an icy fate.

Deputy Justin Hays was driving through the small town of Daniel when he noticed a deer stuck in a partially frozen pond, according to the Sublette County Sheriff’s Office.

Without wasting a moment, he called for backup. He was joined by Deputy Josh Peterson and they sprung to action to rescue the struggling animal.

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The deputies determined the ice was too thin to walk on, which forced them to get creative.

Body camera footage of the incredible rescue — which involved lassos, ropes and lariats — was shared to the county sheriff department’s Facebook page.

Hays can be seen approaching the animal, which swims away. Peterson gathers rope and heads to the opposite side of the pond. Hays is then able to lasso the deer and drag it through the water to safety.

The deer can be seen struggling to stand after the deputies carry it to the parking lot.

“The deer was exhausted and cold so Deputy Hays carried it over to the asphalt black top so it would help warm the deer up,” the Facebook post reads. “Deputy Hays drove back by the area after his training that afternoon and the deer was gone.”

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Sgt. Travis Bingham told the Associated Press that officers tend to carry lassos with them in their cars to herd cows that block roadways in the country.

In this instance, Hays’ excellent cowboy skills really came in handy to save a life in danger.

“It was the right people in the right place at the right time,” Bingham said.

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