5 songs you must hear this week: 02 November 2020

I seem to recall something in the news about a big political event that’s happening tomorrow, but the exact details elude me. I’ve been too busy searching out new tunes for this week’s list of essential new tunes.

1. Grae, Permanent Maniac
Single (Independent)
Recommended If You Like: The Cure (You’ll see what I mean)

Grae, who’s from Toronto, has only released a total of eight songs but a bunch of them have already been placed in a series of US TV programs. She’s also the winner of the SOCAN Young Canadian Songwriters Award. This song is her love letter to Robert Smith of the Cure. Definitely someone to watch.

2. King Princess, Only Time Makes It Human
Single (Columbia)
RIYL: St. Vincent, for sure.

Another one to watch. King Princess (real name: Mikaela Mullaney Straus of Brooklyn). She’s only 21 but was first offered a record deal when she was just 11. After dropping out of university to pursue music full-time, she issued a couple of EPs and a full album. She’s become a favourite with the LGBTQ community and is insanely good live. A mainstream breakthrough is in order.

3. Clairo, Sofia
Immunity (Fader Label/Caroline)
RIYL: The Billie Eilish universe

Coming out of Atlanta, Clairo started posting lo-fi music online when she was just 13. After a viral hit, she nailed down a record deal, resulting in one EP and one album. That album, Immunity, was a critical success. Had the pandemic not set in and she was able to tour, we’d probably have heard a lot more from her by now.

Good Kid, Down with the King
Single (Birthday Cake)
RIYL: Donkey Kong

These guys have been described as “a Toronto pack of nerds (there’s five of them) big in the Fortnite community.” They’ve decided to write about what they know—i.e. video games—so they created an homage to Donkey Kong. If you like what you see/hear, go back to their previous song, Slingshot which is about as 8-bit as you can get.


5. Foolproof, Violet
Single (RPMPromotion)
RIYL: Female-fronted RAAAAWWWWWWK!

Coming out of the Niagara region is this female-fronted trio that rocks somewhere between Hole, The Distillers, and The Pretty Reckless. Call it post-grunge if you want. Frontperson Paige Kopp will make you think of how bands like these used to be everywhere in the 90s. Courtney would approve.


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