The Ongoing History of New Music Podcast surpasses 10 million downloads

Sometime around 1 am ET today, someone somewhere in the world became the 10 millionth person to download an Ongoing History of New Music podcast. Since the podcast debuted at the end of January 2017, episodes have been downloaded in every country in the world with the exception of North Korea, Chad, Niger, and the Republic of the Congo.

Some facts:

  • Of the 900 Ongoing History radio programs aired since the program debuted in February 1993, approximately 250 have been repurposed as podcasts. We’ll eventually get more up there, but not all will make it because they’re just too dated.
  • Canada leads the way in downloads (no surprise there) with 8.3 million downloads. The US is in second spot with 1.12 million. Then comes the UK, Australia, Germany, France, New Zealand, Mexico, Ireland, and The Netherlands rounding out the top 10.
  • Within Canada, Ontario is the number one market, followed by BC and Alberta.
  • Toronto is in first place for downloads, followed by Hamilton and Vancouver.
  • In the US, the podcast is most popular in Buffalo followed by New York, Chicago, and bizarrely, Hutchison, Kansas, a city of 40,000 northwest of Wichita. The good citizens of Hutchison have downloaded more episodes than Los Angeles. We can’t explain that.
  • Moving to the UK, the leading city is London. Manchester comes second and Edinburgh is a close third.
  • The most-downloaded podcast of all time is “The Rise and Fall of Blink-182, Part 1,” which was published on January 31, 2017. In second spot is “Rock and Roll Myths” (March 15, 2017), and “60 Mind-Blowing Facts in 60 Minutes: The Fifth Edition” (December 18, 2019).
  • Most people get their OH fix through Spotify (16.9%) followed by Apple Podcasts (13%).
  • When it comes to platforms for listening, iOS leads the way with 56.3%. Android is second with 26%.
  • 87.2% of listening is done on a mobile device while 9.1% listen on a desktop and 2.4% use a tablet.

Thanks so much for all the interest and support! And there’s plenty more to come.

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