5 songs you must hear this week: 21 December 2020

Apologies in advance if you’re a TikTok aficionado because two of these songs have already been monsters on the platform.

1. Fousheé, Deep End
Single (RCA)
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If you’re on TikTok, you may have run across some uncredited vocals on a clip entitled Deep End. Brittany Fousheé’ wrote the lyrics to the song back in 2018, long before we all faced our own personal deep ends with the pandemic. From TikTok, the song graduated to other social media platforms, millions of Shazam inquiries, and ultimately a serious relationship with Spotify’s algorithms. We’ll see where this goes next.

2. Tai Verdes, Stuck in the Middle
Single (Arista)
RIYL: More TikTok

Here’s another track that began life as a TikTok video. Verdes watched what was happening with the platform and once he felt he’d written a song that works, he set it free. I quote: “Are you on TikTok right now trying to show people your song? If not, you don’t want it bad enough. I don’t care if you’re too old or you’re already in the industry. These TikTok artists are kicking everyone’s ass.” There’s a lesson here.

3. Partner, Honey
Never Give Up (You’ve Changed Records)
RIYL: A Weezer arena show with Wayne and Garth in the wings.

Originally from Windsor but now operating out of the music metropolis of Sackville, New Brunswick. After three singles from their sophomore album, this is the one that seems to be doing the trick for them with some lavish praise from everyone from Pitchfork to NPR. They also won the SOCAN Songwriting Prize. Oh, and Honey refers to the guitar in the video.

4. Painted Shield, Knife Fight
Painted Shield (Loosegroove)
RIYL: The idea of a Pearl Jam/Smashing Pumpkins love child

One of the good things about the pandemic is that it’s encouraged musicians to reach out to each other from their respective bunkers to engage in some collaborations that might otherwise never have happened. Witness Painted Shield, spearheaded by Pearl Jam’s Stone Gossard and Jimmy Chamberlin of the Smashing Pumpkins.

5. Liam Gallagher, All You’re Dreaming Of
Single (Warner Music Canada)
RIYL: Our Kid, obviously

Liam considers this a holiday song—or at least a song inspired by the holidays. “Considering the year that we’ve all had, I hope this brings back some much-needed love and hope,” he says, adding “Bing Crosby would have been proud.” Modest as ever, I see. Proceeds from this song will go to a British charity called Action for Children.

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