Weekly survey: Which platform do you use for podcasts?

The future continues to be bright for podcasting as more people gravitate to on-demand listening. My Ongoing History podcast is doing very well, thank, you, approaching 11 million worldwide downloads. Analytics tells me that most of the downloads are going through Apple podcasts but there are some territories where Spotify is the main provider. Me? I’m platform agnostic. As long as people get the program, I don’t care which platform supplies it. That being said, I’m an iPhone user, so it’s easiest for me to get the podcasts I like through Apple. But what about you? Apple has been the podcast leader forever, but they’ve also done little to enhance its podcast offerings. Spotify has their Anchor technology, which allows podcasters to include music in their program–but ONLY if that podcast is hosted by Spotify. Amazon is a hot place for podcasts, thanks largely to listening to Alexa smart speakers. And then there are the also-rans like Podbean, Stitcher, and a bunch of others that share less than 10% of all downloads. But what about you? What’s your favourite platform for podcasts?

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