5 songs you must hear this week: 25 January 2021

I never know what kind of music I’m going to hear when I look at my inbox. Here are five tunes out of hundreds submitted over the last five days that I think you might find interesting.

1. Billy Wild, Cool with That
Single (Independent)
Recommended If You Like: Undiscovered talent

I’ve known Toronto artist Billy Wild for a few years now and I’ve become a big fan of everything he does. He can switch between genres effortlessly, works with a musical collective called Division88, and is a student of all things music, including classical composer Glenn Gould. Why doesn’t this guy have a major label deal yet?

2. Ploho, Dancing in the Dark (Танцы в темноте)
Phantom Feelings (Artoffact Records)
RIYL: Mother Russia!

I heard about this band from Novosibirsk in Siberia from a few friends who reported songs showing up as playlist recommendations. I’m told that Ploho represents “a new wave of Russian music” which sounds a lot like something Joy Division might have done. If you want to go deeper, they’ve got four albums, several EPs, and close to a dozen singles—all in Russian, of course. This album is due February 5.

3. Bad Child, $1,000,000
Free Trial (Universal)
RIYL: Winning the jackpot

The Canadian singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist has a debut record coming on February 26. Regarding this single, I quote “I wanted $1,000,000 to sound and feel like a corner store lottery, when I was a child I would go with my grandmother and pick-up scratch tickets and she would always say we would win big. The song is about love conquering everything – everything pales in comparison.” Me? I’ll take the money.

4. Almost Monday, Broken People
Don’t Say You’re Ordinary (Hollywood Records)
RIYL: Commiserating

This trio from San Diego wanted to be called The Mondays, but since someone already had that name, they almost were called that. Big production on this track from their debut EP from last fall. It must have taken days to get the mix just right. Well done.

Jawny, Sabotage
For Abby mixtape (Columbia)
RIYL: Regret

Ever find yourself in a situation where you blew up a relationship because you had a little too much to drink? That’s the whole subject of this song from Jacob Lee-Nicolas Sullenger aka Johnny Utah (yet born in California and living in Philadelphia) aka Jawny aka JAWNY. For Abby looks a lot like an EP, but our boy prefers to call it a mixtape.


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