Weekly survey: Will we be going to concerts this summer?

There is so much going with COVID right now. New variants. Travel bans. Delayed shipments of vaccinations. Confusion about who gets to go first. One dose or two? More pending vaccines. How well do they all work? What’s the length of immunity they confer? The questions are endless. It is, however, the position of the federal government that every Canadian will be vaccinated by September.

Now let’s look at live music. Glastonbury has been canceled. The Ultra Music Festival in Miami has been called off for the second year in a row. Artists have already started postponing and canceling shows for 2021. Yet some people are still optimistic that we’ll be able to go gigs as early as this summer.

So here’s the question: Do you think that we’ll be able to go to a live show of some sort this summer? Before September 1, to be specific. And would you go if you could? https://twitter.com/alancross/status/1353704105211002880

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