5 songs you must hear this week: 28 March 2022

Each week begins with five new songs that you may find worthy for your latest playlist. What’s up with Royal Blood? And how did The Edge’s son end up on this musical path?

1. Royal Blood, Honeybrains
Single (XL Recordings)
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Ben Thatcher and Mike Kerr continue to make a wonderful racket from just a distorted bass and a drumkit. It hasn’t even been a year since their last album (Typhoons, released on April 30, 2021) so it appears that they’ve got a backlog of material that’s begging to be released. Could a new album be in their near future? I kinda think/hope so.

2. Levi Evans, Bug Bite
Single (Independent)
RIYL: Musical offspring

I’ll admit that this pick is the result of curiosity. Levi is the son of Dave Evans, otherwise known as The Edge, U2’s guitarist. Levi seems to be much more soulful and a lot less rock-oriented than his famous dad. This is (I think) his second indie single after an image rebrand about 18 months ago. The female voice on the song is Lucy McWilliams, an Irish London-based singer who has her own following. Thoughts?

3. Tove Styrke, Hardcore
Single (Milkshake)
RIYL: Dreamy stuff in a Lorde style

Tove Anna Linnéa Östman Styrke comes from a Swedish musical family (her dad had a hit on the Swedish charts back in 1975) and burst into the mainstream back in 2009 when she first third on Swedish Idol. Since then she’s been bubbling under as an artist with tons of potential. It’s been a long, slow climb, but she may be on the verge of some kind of international breakthrough. We’ll see.

4. Mondo Cozmo, Electrify My Love
Single (Last Gang/eOne US)
RIYL: Speaking or Lorde…

Mondo (actually Philadelphia’s Joshua Keith Ostrander) has been performing, recording, and producing for close to twenty years either as a solo artist or as a member of any number of bands. He’s been working solo since 2015 (Fun fact: Cozmo is his dog’s name) and has just released this new single that follows in the same uplifting chord progression (known as Mixolydian) as Primal Scream’s Loaded, Freedom! 90 by George Michael, and more recently Solar Power from Lorde. It’ll get you every time.

5. Just Mustard, Still
Painless (Partisan Records)
RIYL: SXSW breakouts

So many bands play showcases at South By Southwest that it’s hard to keep track of which ones deserve extra attention. Just Mustard, an Irish band founded in 2016 but has been largely absent since the pandemic, apparently hit it out of the park with their performance, igniting buzz about their first full album, Heart Under, which will be out on May 27. Shoegaze? Maybe, but there’s more going on. Fun fact: Robert Smith hand-picked them to open for The Cure. Something’s happening here.

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