5 songs you must hear this week: 02 May 2022

When I start sorting through all the week’s music submissions, I never know what the week’s 5 Songs list will look like. This time around, I ended up with five ultra-indie artists.

1. Sahati, Anything
Single (Independent)
RIYL: True DIY artists

Originally from Kosovo and now based in Canada (Montreal, I think), 18-year-old Sahati is a multi-instrumentalist and producer who also directs and edits her own video. She released a debut album entitled POST-KID a year ago that featured collaboration with a bunch of different Toronto artists. Watch for more appearances at festivals this year.

2. Truce, Ghost
Single (Independent)
RIYL: Bands that study Big Wreck and the Deftones

Another indie production, this time from Moncton-based Truce. Their current single deals with the demons that haunt people with addiction problems. Lots of dynamics and plenty of crunch. Definitely ready for prime time. Someone should sign these guys now.

3. Fight the Sun, Friends are Enemies
Single (Independent)
RIYL: Guitar crunch ala 3 Days Grace

Fight the Sun had to hunker down Australian-style during the pandemic, something that gave them plenty of time to ponder things like relationships and how people tend to evolve in different directions. If this is the direction guitar rock is headed these days, I’m good with that. Effective video, too.

4. VUOLA, Laugh Vivid Often Adore Unity
Alouv (Independent)
RIYL: English rock circa 1973

Even though this is the just second single from a Finnish drummer, producer, and studio manager named Jussi Vuola, it’s so incredibly accomplished and mature, you gotta wonder what this guy’s been doing up until now. He calls this track an “inter-textual salute to giants of the past” like Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, Pink Floyd and Tom Scholz of Boston. Proceed from the album will be donated to victims of the war in Ukraine via UNICEF.

5. Toronto Tabla Ensemble, Prayer for the Mother feat. Biff Naked
For the Love of Tabla (Independent)
Recommend If You Like: South Asian music with a modern twist

Toronto Tabla Ensemble has been around for eight albums interpreting the music of Northern India for a contemporary audience. Normally, the tabla sounds are deeper in the mix but for this song (featuring Biff Naked who, lest we forget, was born in India), those percussive sounds are upfront. Fun fact: Founder Ritesh Das has collaborated in the past with Jeff Martin and the Tea Party.

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