Weekly survey: Will Andy Fletcher's death mean the end of Depeche Mode?

The shock of Andy Fletcher’s death has people wondering about the future of Depeche Mode. Fletch was a founding member of the group back in 1980 and outside of a quick hiatus in the middle 90s (a much-needed mental health break)–he’d been with the band as the quiet guy behind Martin Gore and Dave Gahan. And now he’s gone. This means Depeche Mode is just down to two members. Some 42 years into the group’s existence–and given everything the individual members have gone through–it’s only natural for fans to wonder if this is finally the end of the road. Will Martin and Dave soldier on as a duo? Or was there something special about Fletch that kept the band together? Thoughts? https://twitter.com/alancross/status/1530908024587550721

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