5 songs you must hear this week: 23 January 2023

Now that we’ve all stopped saying “Happy New Year” to everyone (you should; the Larry David rule says such greetings are unwelcome after January 7), we can start concentrating on some of the first new music 2023 has to offer.

1. Chad Tepper, I Wanna Be Your High
I Wanna Be Your High (Epitaph)
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This is a helluva story. Chad grew up homeless in Orlando, living with his parents out of their car. His escape was skateboarding, and he eventually turned pro. From there, he became associated with the Jackass crew. The money he earned went to buying music gear so he could record the songs he was writing. Then came a deal with Epitaph and a debut album in December 2022. Let’s see where the title track takes him next.

2. Colony House, Cannonballers
The Cannonballers (Roon/The Orchard)
RIYL: Driving songs

Colony House, a quartet from Nashville, is about to release its fourth album on February 3. The lead single is a surfy Batman-theme thing inspired by a real-life rollercoaster at Opryland. This will sound fantastic in the car when it’s warm enough to roll down the windows and blast the stereo.https://youtu.be/NRiOvSqn8aw

3. Venbee, Messy in Heaven
Single (Arista)
RIYL: Alternative visions of the afterlife

Venbee is British and this track is a collaboration with Goddard, a drum and bass producer. The first line of the song is “I heard Jesus did cocaine on a night out.” That leads into a hypothetical story about how He goes on a bender and God isn’t amused, hence things “getting a little messy in heaven.” It’s supposed to be an anti-drug anthem, by the way.

4. Sorry It’s Over, Dog Daze
Single (World Sound)
RIYL: Dogs, obviously

Louis Petrella (the guy behind Sorry It’s Over) is a DJ who recorded some original EDM tracks that he sold to other artists. When that grew tired, he moved back to San Diego and started a band, drawing from the inspiration he got from his older sister’s Green Day records. It’s also something of an anti-drug song, although it’s more about how addiction can be an awful thing.

5. Phil Selway, Picking Up Pieces
Strange Dance, (Bella Union)
RIYL: Radiohead, obviously

The amount of talent within Radiohead is staggering. Drummer Phil Selway also has his own solo career with this next album set for release on February 24. For this kinda krautrock-ish song, he gets help from Portishead’s Adrian Utlety. The video is a one-shot thing using 16mm film.


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