New Music Friday: 5 release you should know about this weekend (18 August 2023)

Not a big week for releases–a normal thing for this time of year–but just wait a few weeks. Meanwhile, here are a few things to explore on this New Music Friday. Warning: Heaviness ahead.


1. Metallica, Too Far Gone? (Blackened Recordings/QPrime)

Metallica had an interesting week, what with one of their equipment trucks getting into a big accident on their way to a gig in Montreal. (It’s fine. No one was hurt and the equipment was replaced and 120,000 fans went home happy. And hey, why no Toronto date?) This is the new single from the 72 Seasons album.

2. Guns N’ Roses, Perhaps (Interscope/Geffen)

This song was supposed to have been released last week but was pulled for some reason. Meanwhile, a digital jukebox company didn’t get the memo and allowed this song to be played on its machines in bars and restaurants last weekend. No matter. The song is here now. It’s a jaunty piano-based thing, too. This is the first new music from the band since Slash and Duff McKagan rejoined Axel in 2016.

3. Future Islands, Deep in the Night (4AD)

If you’re a fan of synthy cinematic ballads, you’ll want to spend time with this one. Interesting 80s-style electronic drums, too. A new album–their seventh–will be here in early 2024.


1. Dizzy, Dizzy (Royal Mountain)

This is the third album from the JUNO Award-winning indie pop band from Oshawa. This marks the first time the band has recorded outside the country, opting to soak up whatever vibes they could in a bungalow somewhere in LA. Very bouncy video, too.

2. Hozier, Unreal Unearth (Rubyworks/Columbia)

The Irish Take Me to Church guy returns with a third album written during the pandemic. He says he used music to try to make sense of those two years and that the whole record was inspired by Dante’s Inferno and its nine circles of Hell. Sounds fun.



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