Throwback Thursday: Liz Phair and Never Said

The 90s were filled with strong, outspoken female alt-rock singers. One of my all-time favourites was Chicago’s Liz Phair, a no-guff sort who flew the feminist flag while making some damn good music.

It’s hard to believe but Liz’s Exile in Guyville album–her debut–turns 30 this year. She’s marking the occasion by going on a commemorative tour where she will play all 18 songs from the album in their entirety. Sadly, there will be no Canadian dates for some reason.

The single from the album that gave her a foot in the door was radio was Never Said, a song that she says she wrote as an answer song to Tumbling Dice by The Rolling Stones. It’s her also her take on the music scene and how mean and stupid everyone can be–including, she admits, herself.

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