Ongoing History Daily: Some people just don't like music. Maybe be know such a person.

As inconceivable as it might be, there are some people who just don’t like music. How is that even possible? Scientists are very interested in this because a lack of appreciation for music can shed light on various types of brain function.

The inability to like music—broadly described as a condition known as “musical anhedonia”—may be linked to neurological function, genetic differences, and emotional connections. The result is an inability to get any sort of pleasure from music.

The reason seems to be related to how the grey matter of the brain not having the same structure as white matter which alters the communication between them. Music isn’t interpreted as neural stimuli, so it’s not about hating music. It’s just that musical anhedonists feel kinda blah when it comes to music.

Something to watch for, too: Musical anhedonia may appear and then increase with age. You’ve been warned.

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