Sugar Ray & Smash Mouth at Western Fair

Sugar Ray

with Smash Mouth

The Western Fair – Ranch Series – LONDON, ON

TICKETS ON SALE FRIDAY, June 21, 2024 at 10AM
Doors: 5:00PM Show: 6:00PM
Concert Ticket Includes Admission to the Western Fair on Day of Show
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Tickets: $85.00, $95.00 (plus HST and fees) All Ages / General Admission Floor, Bleacher Seating


Everything continues to change. Leaders cycle in and out of office. Trends fall in and out of style. Vinyl dies and comes back to life. Television shows go off the air and end up somewhere on the internet.

However, Sugar Ray might just outlast them all.

After over three decades, a world without the group—co-founded by Mark McGrath and Rodney
Sheppard —feels downright unfathomable. Beyond sales of 10 million records, four top 10
songs, streams in the hundreds of millions, and millions of tickets sold, the band embody the endless summer of popular music and culture.

How many artists still pack sheds a whole generation removed from their genesis? How many acts can
claim sharing the stage with The Rolling Stones, KISS, and Sex Pistols, collaborating with Run-DMC, and being interpolated by Post Malone?

We need Sugar Ray now more than ever…

“You could say we’re still performing because the music means a lot to us,” observes Mark. “However, the real reason is it means a lot to so many other people. All the time, we hear fans say, ‘Boy, those songs
were so important to me growing up’ or ‘I listened to you on my first date with my girlfriend, and now she’s my wife’. I’m the last guy to brag about this band and the first one to make fun of it, but we wrote some killer tunes,” he smiles.

As the story goes, Rodney and Mark first linked up in high school. Rodney played in what Mark calls “the
hot shit band all the girls loved.” The future frontman and his buddy McG just wanted to be a part of it.
One afternoon in an Orange County garage, Mark and Rodney “sipped 40oz cans of King Cobra, listened to Creedence, and became friends for life.” Eventually, Rodney asked Mark to take a shot at singing.

“Music threw us together,” recalls Rodney. “There was just a lot of excitement at the time. From that
excitement, we ended up forming Sugar Ray in 1988.”

With a few gigs under their collective belt, they recorded a whopping two songs. Prior to becoming a
blockbuster director, McG shot an infamous video for “Caboose”—which ended up in the hands of Atlantic Records.

With no internet to audit hype back in 1993, a little exaggeration went a long way.

“We totally lied to Atlantic,” chuckles Mark. “We told them we had a big following from San Diego to Los
Angeles. That certainly wasn’t the case. There was no social media or way for them to check though. We
told them we had 100 songs, and we only had two! ‘Caboose’ ended up on our first album, and the other
one ‘Lick Me’ didn’t for obvious reasons.”

That first album, Lemonade & Brownies, took the guys around the world and earned cult classic status for its frenetic and unpredictable hybrid of metal, punk, alternative, funk, pop, and everything but the kitchen sink. It set the stage for FLOORED in 1997 though. The latter’s immortal and inescapable lead single “Fly” invaded airwaves and made the band a household name. 21 years down the road, Post Malone incorporated “Fly” in “Sugar Wraith” on the triple-platinum Beerbongs & Bentleys as a testament to its impact. Helmed by GRAMMY® Award-winning producer David Kahne , FLOORED earned the band’s first gold plaque (a vivid memory they still cherish) and eventually went double-platinum.

Two years later, Sugar Ray took over popular culture with a sincere shit-eating grin. The band’s third
album, 14:59, shut down the pervasive warning of “15 minutes of fame.” Not only did the record bow in
the Top 20 of the Billboard Top 200 and go triple-platinum, but it also gave us “Someday,” “Falls Apart,”
and their second #1 “Every Morning.” In 2001, Sugar Ray crashed the Top 200 at #6 as “When It’s Over”
staked out a spot on the charts. It added yet another platinum plaque to their walls.

Enjoying a renaissance, Sugar Ray headlined the summer shed Under the Sun Tour 2013-2015, inviting
Smash Mouth and Gin Blossoms along for the ride. Meanwhile, they inked a deal with BMG in 2019 and
dropped their seventh full-length, Lil Yachty. In addition to features from Rolling Stone and Billboard, NPR claimed, “The Newport Beach natives returned to their signature uplifting and airy rock sound.” However, it only set the stage for more touring and music.

No matter how much everything changes, we’ve thankfully got Sugar Ray forever.

“This band means everything to me,” Rodney leaves off. “It’s been my life for so long. We know each
other’s strengths and can play to them. It just works out perfectly.”

“We’re friends who started a band to have fun,” concludes Mark. “When you come to see us live, I want
you to have fun too. The idea is the same is it was in 1988. So many things have happened since then, but
Sugar Ray is still my life. It’s what defines me. We’re the guys next door, yet we’ve made an impact. I know what the future’s going to be for Sugar Ray—and I love it. I also know if you’re having half as much fun as I am at a show, we’re doing something right.”


Smash Mouth stands tall as a global phenomenon, a force to be reckoned with over its illustrious threedecade journey. From humble origins in San Jose, CA, they’ve transcended local curiosity, invaded national playlists, and evolved into international live phenoms. Smash Mouth, a name etched in gold as multiplatinum and Grammy-nominated pop-rock icons, has navigated the realms of legendary status with unparalleled finesse.

In the late ’90s, Smash Mouth embarked on a relentless touring spree, solidifying their legendary live
performer status with a timeless and universal appeal. As the 21st century dawned, they seamlessly
transitioned into an international household name, forever woven into the fabric of popular culture. Their live shows are nothing short of spectacular—exciting, entertaining, and overflowing with hit-laden
extravagance. Smash Mouth’s electrifying stage presence springs from their natural all-inclusiveness. With music universally adored and an allure spanning wide, they can command any audience, anywhere in the world, leaving them clamoring for more every single time. Simply put, EVERYONE loves Smash Mouth.

A trove of international awards, accolades, and achievements over three decades cements Smash Mouth’s legacy. Their TV and film appearances are too numerous to count, including a record-breaking stint on “The Tonight Show With Jay Leno” and pivotal roles in classics like “Rat Race” and the monumental “Shrek.” Smash Mouth is the unmistakable soundtrack to the most-watched movie in the history of the universe, forever embracing the title of “The Shrek Band.”

Beyond massive international tours with icons like U2, Lenny Kravitz, *NSync, and KISS, Smash Mouth’s versatility shines through collaborations with showbiz legends ranging from Engelbert Humperdinck t George Clinton to Neil Diamond.
Yet, Smash Mouth’s true prowess lies in their music. Between 1997 and 2002, they notched up an
extraordinary six top 20 hits, dominating the airwaves at the turn of the century. Two of these hits,
“Walkin’ On The Sun” and “All-Star,” soared to #1 and lingered there, with the latter recently surpassing a mind-boggling ONE BILLION streams on Spotify. Their social media acclaim, recognized by Billboard, Rolling Stone, Newsweek and many other prominent outlets is a testament to their enduring influence, with a YouTube channel boasting over 1 million subscribers.

The five maestros of Smash Mouth (Paul DeLisle, Zach Goode, Michael Klooster, Randy Cooke and Sean
Hurwitz) have solidified their international reputation as world-class musicians and performers.
Committed to giving 100% effort in every show, their inherent and determined ability to connect with any audience worldwide is nothing short of astounding. Smash Mouth’s electrifying live shows make their legions of fans winners every time, a testament to their indomitable spirit and unwavering purpose.