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Meet Taz!

Considering the amount of time Taz has spent in the industry, you’d think he’d be much better at his job.  He got his foot in the door with a high school co-op placement when he was 16 years old, and was instantly hooked.  Between his 2 young kids at home and his morning radio gig, it’s rumored that Taz hasn’t had a full night sleep since the late 90’s.  Stuff Taz likes:  Arcade Games, Pinball, Cycling, Golf, and anything you can bet money on.  Taz embraces the immediacy of radio, whether it’s having laughs with Jim and the FM96 listeners, or supporting the causes that impact the communities around London.  He thanks you for tuning in while having your morning coffee, and hopes that he can share a couple of cold beers with you at a rock show ASAP!


Meet Jim!

From Mitchell, Ontario – Jim grew up driving to construction job sites and listening to the radio. One day he thought, “Hey, it might be more fun to be on the radio than pour concrete.” So he went to college and got his start reading obituaries on a small AM station. He was quickly relieved of his duties after mispronouncing a few Dutch last names, but continued working until he landed a job working with Taz, one of the DJs he grew up listening to. Some of Jim’s favourite things to do are drinking on decks/playing backyard games, sports, video games, learning 5 guitar chords in 10 years, getting worked up by tweets & being on the lake.