United Way Scotiabank Stairclimb – Unleash your Everyday Hero!

Welcome to the 23rd annual Scotiabank StairClimb.

This year, we are donning our superhero capes in the name of building opportunity and hope for local people and families. Do you have a super-power? Known super-powers include:

  • Raising donations faster than a speeding bullet
  • Assembling super friends and family into powerful pledge raising teams for good
  • Super emailing your network to seek pledges for your climb

Gather your friends and join us for this year’s Scotiabank StairClimb.

The annual Scotiabank StairClimb for United Way is a massive fundraising initiative aimed at addressing Local Poverty and Youth Success in our community. Each year, thousands of individuals, families, students and workplaces come together to ‘climb the tower’. Since the event began, over $2.43 million in donations has been raised to create opportunity for local people and families. The event is held at One London Place, London’s tallest building, and now attracts more than 2,000 climbers each year.

To register your superhero team, click here!