Canadian Blood Services is looking for blood donations!

Your donation matters. Every 60 seconds someone in Canada needs blood.

• Donating blood is one of the most direct ways you can help someone.
• It takes up to eight donors a week to help someone with leukemia,
five donors to help someone undergoing heart surgery, and 50 donors
to help a crash victim.
• More regular donors are needed to maintain a strong national inventory
of blood and blood products to meet patients’ needs.
• All blood types are needed, and all eligible donors are encouraged to donate.
• Consider donating with someone you know. Half of all Canadians will
need blood or know someone who will at some point in their life.
• To donate, you must be 17 years or older, in good general health, carry
government-issued ID or Canadian Blood Services ID, meet our height
and weight requirements and other eligibility requirements.

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