Fire Rocks 2021 Concert Series: Green Light Zone

Join us in the Green Light Zone for an enhanced experience that includes a private bar area, stand up tables and washrooms. Perfect for individuals and companies that want to bring multiple guests and entertain them in style. In support of the Middlesex Centre Fire Services.

The Friends of FireRocks will be providing our heroes with funds for Personal Protective Equipment as they are always in need ofhelmets and bunker gear that they use to enter and emergency or “Hot Zone” environments.

These heroes require flashing green lights in front of their personal vehicles when they are responding to an emergency and want to help remind our audience that if they “see green”, pull over and let our local First Responders pass while they protect the lives and property of the residents of Middlesex Centre.

Get your Green Light Zone tickets now at the link –

Ticket sales support First Responders, Ronald McDonald House, London and Area Food Bank and The London Abused Women’s Centre.